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Smart Community Management with BeElection

BeElection is a big data management software that can be used to manage communities in a smart way. We have developed this software especially targeting national leaders who manage and monitor their tasks and activities through a smart platform. “Mindgreat- Innovations” has innovated this platform after conducting an in-depth study on life styles and common practices of national leaders
Based on findings, we have introduced a Smart Community Management which is inclusive of six main modules to cover each and every aspect of national leaders. The team “mind great innovations” believes that this platform is capable to create smart leaders by enabling them to apply this system to their lifestyle.

Main Modules

Election Management

This feature enables leaders to

  • Maintain their past election records and those of their competitors.
  • View and analyze past election results.
  • Inspect voting behavior of voters- fixed & plotting.
Leader Profile Management

This feature enables leaders to manage daily tasks & activities with

  • Event calendar
  • Events & campaign updates
Taskforce Management

This feature enables leaders to manage

  • Task force database
  • Task Force Profile 
  • Staff efficiency
  • Loyalty based on task force performance.
Voters Management

This feature enables leaders to

  • Gather information of household members
  • Observe household issues & inquiries
  • Manage member database & memberships
  • Manage databases of opinion leaders & opinion formers
Campaign Management

This feature enables leaders to manage

  • Canvassing.
  • Pocket Meetings
  • Social Services & other campaigns
  • SMS communication platform.
Communication Management

This feature enables leaders to maintain

  • A SMS platform to intercommunicate with leaders’ taskforce.
  • A SMS platform to conduct SMS campaigns targeting the general public.
Be-election assists the leaders to analyze the data with the use of voters’ database profiled according to classic subdivision in socio-cultural categories. This will facilitate the application of data mining techniques created to become aware of individual voter’s propensity to vote, towards which a micro targeting campaign will be launched afterwards.

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