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Smart Community Management with BeElection

BeElection is a big data management software that can be used to manage communities in a smart way. We have developed this software especially targeting national leaders who manage and monitor their tasks and activities through a smart platform. “Mindgreat- Innovations” has innovated this system with a depth study of the national leaders’ lifestyles and their common practices.
Based on that we have introduced a Smart Community Management system with five main features to cover overall aspects of national leaders. As a team “MindGreat- Innovations” believes we are capable to create smart leaders by applying this system to their lifestyle.

Main Modules

Election Management
  • Maintain past election records of yourself & your competitors
  • View and analyze past election results
  • Voting behavior of voters- Fixed & Plotting
Leader Profile Management

This smart feature enables the leaders to manage all day tasks & activities.

Taskforce Management
  • Maintain a task force database
  • Task Force Profile Management
  • Staff efficiency management
  • Loyalty Management based on the taskforce performance.
Voters Management
  • Households Members information gathering.
  • Households issues & inquiries
  • Member database & Membership Management platform
  • Opinion Leaders & Opinion Formers  Database
Campaign Management
  • Canvassing Management.
  • Pocket Meetings management
  • Social Services & other campaigns
  • SMS communication platform.
BeElection helps to analyze with the use of the database of voters profiled according to the classic subdivision in sociol-demographic categories.  This will facilitate the application of data mining techniques made to become aware of the propensity to vote of individuals, towards which a meticulous micro targeting the campaign.

BeElection makes smart leaders by 6 steps

  • Smart management of daily tasks & duties.
  • Smart management of the task force.
  • Smart recording & monitoring system for campaigns
  • Smart networking & communication system for community management
  • Smart analysis of the context.
  • Smart and informative platform for followers.

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